How we help


We offer a range of tailored programs to support Teachers and Career Advisors to provide career development opportunities for students.

We expand your skills, so you can help your students succeed!

We know how demanding teaching can be, and we also know how much you want your students to succeed.

You can count on our long-established reputation and vast network of trusted contacts to skillfully manage your students’ work placement so that it is enjoyable, motivating, and educational.

Our professional development programs are designed to build your knowledge and skills to improve your students’ VET and HSC outcomes.

We will provide you with actionable strategies to best support your students as they undergo their work placement, and you’ll even discover how The Youth Partnership team can best support you and your school!

We help teachers build their skills and knowledge, so they know how best to support their students and drive them towards success.

Programs for teachers


Masterclasses hosted by our employers are a fantastic opportunity for your professional development. Each masterclass aims to teach new skills that you can apply in and beyond the classroom. Masterclasses can be facilitated face-to-face or virtually.

VET teacher workshops

Designed for teachers who may be new to our programs or are delivering VET for the first time, we offer workshops for you to understand and help your student to get the most out of their work placement process. You will even discover more about how our team can best support you.

Resources for teachers

We believe knowledge is the key to success!

We’ve created resource pages to provide you with valuable work placement, VET course, and professional development information.

Some of our

Host employers

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