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Teacher's professional development

We offer professional development opportunities specifically designed for teachers to practice and develop their professional skills. In addition, we also provide teachers with workshops to learn more about the work placement process.

What is teacher's professional development?

Teacher’s professional development is an opportunity for teachers to build and keep up to date with relevant content and skills, supporting their professional growth as an educator.

In order to maintain accreditation, teachers must participate in a combination of ongoing NESA Accredited Professional Development and Elective Professional Development that relates to standards at or above their career stage. Teachers are required to log hours of professional development to show they are continuously learning and updating their skills.

Discover the benefits

Teacher’s professional development is an opportunity for teachers to advance their skills and adapt to current industry trends. By working alongside professionals in the industry, you can discover changes in the workplace, which you can pass on to students. Teacher’s professional development also allows teachers to discover opportunities and career pathways within their industry. They can network with industry professionals and make valuable connections that can assist them as a mentor in the future.

How does it work?

Our professional development programs can be delivered both virtually and face-to-face. The process consists of skill demonstrations with a hands-on component for teachers to practice their skills. Alternatively, it may be an industry tour, which involves a walk-through of a workplace with an industry professional in action, followed by a Q&A opportunity.

These sessions are available to all teachers and career advisors, including Government, Catholic and Independent schools. As we offer virtual sessions, our masterclasses can be accessible to schools all over Australia. 

Our contribution

We understand it can be difficult to find time to upskill and attend professional development courses. Our goal is to make your learning a hassle-free process. Calling on our key industry contacts, we coordinate engaging development programs for teachers to develop practical skills that are designed to be applied in the classroom.

We can tailor our development programs according to your specific requests. We recognise professional development should be based around expanding your skill set in an area you love to teach.

Update your industry skills

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