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Masterclasses hosted by industry professionals are an excellent opportunity for students and teachers to immerse themselves in an industry that aligns with their course. Each masterclass aims to form new skills that you can apply in and beyond the classroom.

What is a masterclass?

Our masterclasses allow students and teachers to join industry professionals as they demonstrate their expert skill through practical workshops, designed to benefit both students and teachers.

Our masterclasses are an excellent opportunity for students to follow along with industry professionals in their relevant industries as they demonstrate their best practice. Students can expect to receive expert tips and recommendations, as the instructor advises students of the best ways to tap into their industry.

Whether the school chooses a masterclass face to face or online, we find the students always come away with a new level of enthusiasm for the industry.

Discover the benefits

We can arrange masterclasses across a variety of industries; including hospitality, tourism, kitchen and construction. We are happy to meet the needs of a school, with our masterclasses tailored to match the level of the curriculum which students and teachers are studying.

No matter what industry you choose, the masterclasses we provide offer first-hand practical experience, as students learn up to date methods and practices being used in industries today. Students are able to ask professionals questions about their industry to clarify their in-class learning.

The students will also receive a certificate of participation, which can be used in their CV when applying for relevant jobs, work experience or internships.

How does it work?

Our masterclasses can be held online, at your school or at the workplace of the industry professional. The sessions run for 45 minutes to 1 hour, or can be tailored to suit your needs.

Participants will follow along with the instructor. Our sessions are interactive giving participants the opportunity to ask questions along the way as participate in a live demonstration. From a chef teaching correct knife skills to a carpenter offering a woodwork demonstration.

Prior to the masterclass we supply a list of equipment that will be required.

Our contribution

Our aim is to support teachers and students to learn new skills required to succeed in their chosen industries.

For teachers, it is critical to remain up to date on current industry trends. Our masterclasses are run by recognised industry professionals and are an excellent way to renew your skills.

For students, we believe there is no better way to tap into their chosen profession than creating connections with industry leaders. Teachers often report back to us that students are more engaged when learning from an outside source, especially if it’s someone they look up to.

Our contribution involves connecting schools with our well-established list of contacts, facilitating beneficial networks. We coordinate and plan the session, ensuring the class matches the curriculum and meets the needs of the students.

It’s time to expand your skill set!

To register, simply contact us via our website, call on 02 9521 0500 or email at info@theyouthpartnership.com.au. Fill out the form below to book a masterclass.

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