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Career preparation workshops

The Youth Partnership offer Career Preparation workshops that will give students the edge they need to be prepared for their job search.

What is a career
preparation workshop?

Our workshops provide students with the vital skills needed to stand out in a highly competitive and crowded job market. For students seeking casual, full-time, or part-time work, the competition is fierce. The challenge is even greater for those school leavers that are not prepared. Book in a Career Preparation Workshop to help your students become job ready!

Personal Branding

(60 minutes)

Personal Branding is the ideal way for a candidate to differentiate themselves during a job search. When candidates clearly stand out, they are much more likely to land an interview and eventually the job. That is because a successful job search is all about differentiation, and personal branding is the tool to make this happen. This workshop discusses the importance of developing a personal brand and showcasing it at every stage of the job search.

During the workshop, we will discuss:

  • How to develop a personal brand that has impact
  • Learn what your personal brand says about you
  • Create and build your personal brand
  • Promote yourself to employers
  • Manage and build your digital footprint

Resume Building

(60 minutes)

A clear, and professional resume is the most essential tool for any job seeker. The goal is to convince an employer that the applicant meets the criteria they are looking for.
This interactive workshop will take students through the process of creating their own resume, with activities to assist them to put together the information an employer is looking for.

During the workshop, we will discuss:

  • The purpose of a resume
    What to include in your resume
  • How to pass Applicant
  • Tracking Systems
  • Tailoring your resume to fit the job description

Interview Skills

(60 minutes)

Developing active job interview skills is essential for all school leavers looking to enter the workforce. Employers will be looking to establish if a candidate has the core skills, maturity, communication style and cultural fit for the role.

Employers utilise a variety of interviewing styles that are all designed to uncover strengths and weaknesses. This workshop will give students the skills to walk into an interview with confidence.

During the workshop, we will discuss:

  • How to make a good first impression
  • Reviewing a job description
  • Discuss common interview questions
  • Explore verbal and non-verbal communication techniques
  • What to wear in an interview

It’s time to expand your skill set!

To register, simply contact us via our website, call on 02 9521 0500 or email at info@theyouthpartnership.com.au. Fill out the form below to book a career preparation workshop.

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