An up-close look at real industry workplaces

Career industry tour

We have a large network of contacts across a range of industries and geographic locations. Students will have the opportunity to see employees at work, ask questions and learn more about the career pathway into their preferred industry.

What is a career industry tour?

Through our ongoing relationships with employers across Greater Sydney, we can coordinate career industry tours to give students studying an insight into a range of industry.

The Youth Partnership can work with your school to arrange workplace visits for students to experience them in person. The students get to talk with real employers about the types of skills and qualifications they look for when recruiting for their teams, and how the business operates.

Discover the benefits

Our career industry tours provide students with a behind the scenes view of a workplace in action. The tour offers a chance for students to speak to employees and make valuable industry connections.

We have seen many industry tours make long lasting impressions on students – opening their eyes to limitless opportunities available to them.

What is involved?

We use our connections with host employers across Sydney to arrange a time where school groups can visit a workplace they are interested in. The host employer is enthusiastic about educating students about their industry and is happy to provide additional insight to passionate students.

It is a great opportunity for the host employer to meet youth who are excited about their industry and approaching the workforce. Our career industry tours are designed to introduce students to a magnitude of diverse industries, helping to guide their future career choices.

Our contribution

Our role at The Youth Partnership is to prepare students for the workforce. Our career industry tours are one of a kind, providing valuable insight and a behind the scenes look into a range of workplaces. We are proud to say that we have seen first hand the powerful impact of our career industry tours on a young person’s future. By immersing students in a real workplace scenario, many students are inspired and go on to pursue a promising career in their chosen industry.

An up-close look into your favourite industry

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