Get students ready for work placement

'Are you ready?' work placement preparation session

Students undertaking a VET course through their school or TAFE must complete one week of placement in Year 11 and another in Year 12. Our ‘are you ready’ information sessions aim to prepare students by outlining what to expect and revealing our top tips to feeling organised and confident.

What are our ‘are you ready’ information sessions?

Work placements allow students to gain real experience in industries that match the courses they are studying. Work placement is a fantastic opportunity for students because it lets them experience what it will be like working in their chosen field. Being well prepared will help students get the most from their experience.

The Youth Partnership has developed a work readiness presentation. This is a free service for schools in our service region, delivered by our team face to face or virtually. It features animation and videos to engage the students and encourage them to be positive about their work placement opportunity.

The session will cover the following, and more:

  • How to prepare for work placement;
  • Keeping a student work placement journal;
  • The importance of punctuality;
  • Getting the most from their experience.

Discover the benefits

Work placement has a magnitude of benefits, including providing students with a first-person perspective into their chosen industry and helping prepare them for the future. Work placement can also lead to employment opportunities, with 1 in 4 students that we facilitate placement for, receiving an employment offer as a result. 

We find that students who are well prepared will gain more from their experience. Our ‘are you ready information sessions’ will teach students what to expect during their placement. Teaching students what to expect removes any uncertainty, which means they can begin their placement with confidence.

How does it work?

Work placement is not only a valuable opportunity to put classroom learning into practice, but also equips students with basic skills which are essential in the workforce. In essence, this session aims to teach students how to make the most of the experience.

The session is delivered by one of our professional staff in the classroom. Our staff member will outline preparation measures and emphasise the importance of each of these steps. This includes simple preparation tasks such as researching location, the company’s website, finding out the dress code and making your first point of contact with the host employer.

Our contribution

Our role at The Youth Partnership is to coordinate work placement opportunities for students, in an industry they are passionate about. We take this one step further by ensuring students are ready for their placement and feel confident in their ability by attending our “are you ready session”.

The Youth Partnership ensures all students feel comfortable that they are in safe hands with their host employer. Our team will emphasise throughout the session that we are always readily available to assist students at any stage of their work placement journey. It is an interactive session where students are encouraged to ask questions.

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