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Whatever a child’s dream destination, we offer a range of support programs to put them on the right path. Whether it’s a trade, hospitality, beauty, design, or university; our programs teach students interchangeable workplace skills that will be valuable for a lifetime.

Coordinate work placement opportunities for VET students

Work placement

Work placements allow students to gain real experience in industries that match the courses they are studying. With over 20 years of experience, we’re experts at ensuring the right students are placed at the right workplace.

We find that students thoroughly enjoy their work placements and return to school with stories to tell and newfound confidence.

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Get students ready for work placement

'Are you ready?' information sessions

Being prepared for their work placement will help students gain the most from their experience! Our free work readiness presentations are delivered by our team face to face or virtually, and are structured to help students feel confident and excited to begin their placement.

It features animation and videos to engage the students and encourage them to be positive about their work placement opportunity.

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Help students excel in job interviews

Mock interviews

Our ‘Interview assurance’ training program puts students through a simulated real-life job interview conducted by industry professionals. We will guide students through the job interview process so they have an idea as to what to expect and how to perform. During the 15-minute interview, the students are asked questions that potential employers will ask and will receive feedback evaluation.

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An up-close look at real industry workplaces

Career industry tours

Students will have the opportunity to see employees at work, ask questions and learn more about the career pathway into their preferred industry. The students get to talk with real employers about the types of skills and qualifications they look for when recruiting for their teams, and how their business operates.

Find out how you can immerse yourself in the workforce with our career industry tours!

Transform your teaching strategies

Teacher's professional development

Professional Development is an opportunity for teachers to keep up to date with relevant content and skills, supporting their professional growth as an educator. We offer development masterclasses specifically designed for teachers to practice and develop their professional skills. In addition, we provide teachers with workshops to learn more about the work placement process. 

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Expand your skill set


Masterclasses are an excellent opportunity for students and teachers to immerse themselves in an industry that aligns with their course. Students and teachers can follow along with industry professionals in their relevant industries as they demonstrate their best practice. Whether schools select a face-to-face or virtual session, our masterclasses are always a valuable learning experience.

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