Hosting a student to strengthen links with the community and raise your business profile

Hosting a student

Work placement is such a valuable experience for both the student and their host employer.

Hosting a student is a voluntary service, as students are covered by their school’s insurance. This means you can reap the benefits – at no cost to your business.

Keep reading to find out how hosting a student can strengthen your links with the local community and raise your business profile.

As you become familiar with the work placement process, you will begin to see links strengthen between your business and the community. By creating a link with students and their schools, you can extend this link to parents and teachers. This provides your business with new exposure, raising your business profile amongst the community. As a result, you are placed in a positive position to foster business opportunities such as sponsorship or business tendering.

Creates a positive image of your business

Secondly, hosting a work placement student can be a way for businesses to give back to the community. This can lead to a positive image of your business and its values. Therefore, by supporting youth within the community, your business is placed in a positive light. The community will perceive your brand as a business that can be trusted.

Hosting a student leads to brand awareness and recognition

By hosting a student, you can increase the brand awareness of your businesses amongst your community. For instance, students are inclined to discuss their exciting work experience with their parents, family and friends. This generates a positive discussion amongst community members about your brand.

In addition, host employers can also take part in our Career Industry Tours. These tours familiarise students with your business, location, products and services. The Youth Partnership also allows host employers to advertise job positions for young people in our monthly newsletter, on our social media and at events, all free of charge.

Increases your connections with local young people interested in your industry

In an everchanging world, where the workplace is constantly evolving, it is important for businesses to understand the perspectives of the younger generations. Therefore, hosting a student can assist you in finding future employees that are passionate about your industry.

Additionally, gaining perspectives from young people provides insight into new ways to attract future young employees. This will support your businesses long term growth and development.

Hosting a student is a networking opportunity

Lastly, as a host employer, you will receive exclusive invitations to The Youth Partnership networking events. This is an opportunity to make connections and raise your business profile with other host employers, schools and the community.

Overall, hosting a student not only provides a helping hand at no cost to you but comes with a magnitude of benefits that can contribute to your businesses success.

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