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Host employers

We help our host employers give back to their community, attract and trial potential employees and gain an extra pair of hands during your busiest periods.

Helping young people take the first step to their careers

We are continually welcoming new employers to host students who are studying vocational courses as part of their Higher School Certificate.

Work placement acts as a vital link between young people and the world of business. Students who participate are aged between 16 and 19 and are eager to learn from you. They are placed in an industry of their choice, reflecting the career they plan to enter after completing their studies.

Our host employers find it rewarding to give back to the community and support youth aiming to enter their industry. Work placement is also a useful way to trial potential employees; in fact, many of our host employers factor in work placement as one element of their recruitment process.

Benefits to being a host employer

  • An extra set of helping hands for busy times
  • It’s free, and students are insured
  • Attract and trial potential employees
  • Give back to your local community
  • Raise your business’s profile and reputation
  • You choose when and how often you host students
  • Increase the training and mentoring skills of your team
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded business owners

Hosting a work placement student will allow you to trial new talent and give back to your local community.

Programs for host employers

Work placement

Give back to your community, trial potential employees, and gain an extra pair of hands during your busiest times by hosting a student at your workplace. Students are unpaid, so hosting is a very cost-effective way to increase your resources.

Career industry tours

Hosting a tour of your workplace provides students with a visual representation of their chosen industry, the qualifications and skills needed. This is an excellent opportunity for recruitment and to attract more employees to your industry.

Mock interview volunteering

Take on the role of a mock interviewer and make a difference today! Support students in navigating the job interview process, offering constructive feedback to help them stand out in the competitive job market. This presents an excellent chance to fulfill corporate volunteering responsibilities while contributing to the confidence of young individuals.

Resources for host employers

We’ve created a resources page to assist employers in learning more about hosting a student in their workplace. 

Case studies

Host Employer Case Study – Futureflip Constructions

Host Employer Case Study – Feros Group

Host Employer Case Study –

Some of our

Host employers

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