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VET Excellence Awards: Celebrating Outstanding Achievements of Students

What is the VET Excellence Awards?

The VET Excellence Awards is a prestigious annual event organised by The Youth Partnership, dedicated to recognising and celebrating the exceptional achievements of students who are undertaking Vocational Education and Training (VET) studies as part of their Higher School Certificate (HSC) in Southern Sydney. These awards highlight the remarkable dedication and excellence exhibited by these students in their VET courses, classwork, industry commitment, professionalism, and motivation during their work placements.

When and Why Does the Event Take Place?

The VET Excellence Awards event is held annually in September, providing a platform to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of these outstanding students. It takes place at the iconic NSW Parliament, creating a backdrop of significance and recognition for the award recipients. This event serves to inspire and motivate other students, showcasing the value of vocational education and the possibilities it offers for future career paths.

How are Finalists Nominated and Awarded?

Students receiving an award at the VET Excellence Awards are nominated by their respective schools. Each of the 80 schools and TAFE campuses within The Youth Partnership’s service region is encouraged to select one Year 12 student who has excelled in their VET course. These students demonstrate excellence not only in their coursework but also in their dedication to their chosen industry, professionalism, and their exceptional performance during work placements coordinated by The Youth Partnership.

During the event, each nominated student is individually recognised and presented with their award on stage. Professional photos capturing this momentous occasion are taken and released after the event, providing lasting memories of their achievement.

Who Can Attend the Event?

The VET Excellence Awards event is attended by the nominated winning student, along with one adult guest, who can be a parent, guardian, or school representative. In addition to the award recipients and their guests, the event is attended by The Youth Partnership’s team and Board, local Members of Parliament (MPs), representatives from the education sector, including schools and TAFE, as well as stakeholders from the funding body.

The event also welcomes the participation of the Youth Council and the Work Placement Reference Group, further fostering collaboration and support within the community.

How Can I Become a Sponsor?

Sponsorship opportunities for the VET Excellence Awards are available, offering organisations the chance to align their brand with this prestigious event and demonstrate their commitment to education and youth development. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and contributing to the success of the VET Excellence Awards, please contact Nicole Crump for further information and details on sponsorship packages.

What is the Dress Code?

The VET Excellence Awards event is a formal occasion of great significance. To honour the occasion and to represent themselves and their schools with pride, students are expected to wear full school uniform. This includes school blazers, where available, as they stand as ambassadors of their educational institutions. The dress code underscores the importance of professionalism and respect for the event and its significance within the educational community.

Join us at the VET Excellence Awards to celebrate the outstanding achievements of these remarkable students and be part of an event that encourages excellence and dedication in vocational education and training.

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