5 ways to improve your business during lockdown

It’s no doubt that this third round of extended lockdown has come as a frustrating shock to most of us, especially for business owners. Therefore, it is important for businesses to discover ways to improve during lockdown to not only survive but to thrive, during this tough time.

Continue reading to find out 5 ways to improve your business during lockdown!

1. Strengthen your brand through online marketing

Social media is one of today’s most influential marketing tools. It can be used to connect, share, create, and relate. So during this lockdown, using social media and online marketing can help to strengthen your brand. By creating a strong social media presence for your business, you will be able to maintain your customer and stakeholder relationships while you may not physically be able to connect with them.

In addition, you are also increasing your brand awareness and reputation. You do not need to be present on every platform, just choose the platforms that the majority of your customers will be engaging with.

2. Refresh your website

Lockdown is the perfect time to review your company website and give it a refresh. It is an opportunity to consider adding any new services and make sure that your website design reflects marketing trends that engage your customers. A few other website features that are worth checking and updating if needed include:

  • Up to date page content
  • SEO – when was it last updated?
  • Images – do they need updating?
  • Calls to Action – could you add more / less?
  • Newsletters & blogs
  • Links to associations
  • Case studies & testimonials – do these too need updating?
  • Check internal links – do they still work?

In reviewing and refreshing your website, improving your SEO can be one of the most important elements as this helps people find your business. When you come out of lockdown, a refreshed website will be able to engage your customers and revive your company’s relationship with them. 

3. Upskill your employees and improve your business

Upskilling your employees will benefit and improve your business during lockdown. In addition, it will also benefit and improve your business as your company emerges out of lockdown. Whether you’re a sole trader or a business owner, now is the time to develop skills. By analysing every part of your business, you will be able to examine which of your employees will benefit from workplace training. For example, ask yourself if your office staff have expert knowledge about all the systems they use? 

Providing your team with the opportunity and time to develop new skills will help build staff morale and loyalty. It is also important to remember that during this pandemic, many training providers are offering free or discounted workplace education services.

4. Take the time to do some housekeeping tasks

Now is a great time to complete those tasks that you were putting off when business was fast-paced. Whether your business has closed its doors completely or your company has transitioned to working from home, it is still the perfect time to complete smaller tasks. For example, cleaning up your company files and paperwork, filling in expenses forms, reviewing KPIs, reviewing and updating your website, refreshing your company social media, archiving, and spending some time on organisation.

5. Maintaining your customer & stakeholder relationships

Maintaining your customer & stakeholder relationships is especially important during lockdown. This is because it keeps everyone in the loop on your business activity. Making an effort to maintain these relationships also ensures your company is front of mind as you survive this unprecedented time.

Just because you may not be able to physically meet with your customers and stakeholders doesn’t mean that you can’t keep in touch. There are a variety of online services that are available for businesses to keep connected such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. Another way to maintain your relationships is by using social media, newsletters and blogs. Reaching out to your mailing lists will also help to keep customers and stakeholders informed about your business activities.

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